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Our brands

Do Lean IT not only provides top-tier IT services tailored to the needs of the industry but also actively develops its own suite of brands. These unique brands are specifically designed to support the industry in effectively implementing Lean Management tools, further demonstrating our commitment to driving efficiency and innovation in the production landscape.


eTWI System is a comprehensive system designed to amplify your results by aligning personnel with standardized protocols. This platform allows for easy creation, updating, and management of work instructions, supporting your employees’ development process. Recognizing that every organization is unique, eTWI offers customizable instruction templates to suit your specific needs. With eTWI, knowledge transfer to digital work instructions is a breeze. Simply complete document content and edit photos to rapidly develop and update Digital Work Instructions. A Steps database lets you reuse saved steps in multiple processes, saving time and ensuring consistency. The system also allows you to manage instruction verification paths and assign personnel to ensure all your documents are validated. Additionally, eTWI facilitates seamless communication with authors, enabling feedback through comments on instructions.